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During the 60s an unknown object flew down from the skies and crash in a suburb area where no excitement happens. Could it be that there are real martians in the World? Well this scene proves it all.

Officer TapeDeckJet replies after the scene clears out, “As an officer on crime scenes for more than 40 something odd years,  I have never seen any kind of fockery like this ever”. The reporter reported that the other 3 martians got away. They were known for reproducing in the wild mid south africa. The martians evolved into human form and started running the entertainment company. Cnn Nbc Cnbc Fox Upn Logo Mtv Bet Vh1 SyFy ComedyCentral Etc Etc. There’s a trillion dollar reward for anyone that has any leads on this Unsolved mystery. Some are posing as human civilians and some are posing as rock stars. Word is the 2nd generation of these beings are running a entertainment company by the name of Synergized Mindz <.E>.N>T>. Help us find these creatures!

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